• Dalmia Bharat Brings Art to Cement, Changes the Category Perception by Launching Craft Béton


  • Dalmia Bharat announced the amalgamation of OCL India Limited and Dalmia Cement East Limited 'Bokaro' with Odisha Cement Limited (shall be renamed as OCL India Limited), amalgamation of Adhunik Cement with Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited (DCBL) and transfer of power assets in Dalmia Cement Bharat Power Ventures Limited to DCBL.
  • Dalmia Bharat group enhances Odisha, Patna and Ranchi presence, Introduces Dalmia DSP and Dalmia Cement


  • Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited fired the kilns at two locations - Belgaum District, Karnataka & Umrangshu, Assam; having total capacity of 3.5 MnT
  • DCBL increased its stake in OCL India Limited from 48.0 % to 74.6 % through inter-se promoter transfer
  • Dalmia Cement Ventures into Maharashtra
  • Dalmia Cement Ventures into Goa
  • Belgaum Cement Plant is Commissioned.


  • Acquired Jaypee Plant in Bokaro (JV with SAIL) to strengthen North- East operations
  • Total cement capacities reach 24 million tonnes
  • Purchased 100% of Bokaro Jaypee Cement Limited (BoJCL)


  • Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. (DBSIL) acquire sugar manufacturing plant in Kolhapur with cane crushing capacity of 2500 TCD.


  • DCBL increases the number of cement plants from one to three and the capacity from 4 MTPA to 9 MTPA by adding two greenfield plants (one more in Tamil Nadu and the other at Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh).


  • Two greenfield sugar plants are established in Uttar Pradesh at Jawaharpur and Nigohi.
  • Capacity increases to 22,500 tonnes crushed per day (TCD).


  • Dalmia Cement sets up its first 27 MW captive power plant at Dalmiapuram.


  • DCBL introduces Dalmia Vajram Cement.


  • Jobsahead.com, Renaissance Group and Infinity Investment Fund are established.


  • New generation monolithic refractory products like castables, precast blocks and lance pipes are successfully introduced in OCL.
  • Utkal Investments Ltd, Konark Minerals Ltd, Kashmissa Industries Ltd and Hari Fertilisers Ltd become wholly-owned subsidiaries of the company.


  • Dalmia Bharat Group sets up its first wind farm.
  • The company also gets IS/ISO 9002 certification.


  • Electronic Division of DCBL becomes operational in Bangalore making new models of Hi-Fi Amplifier cassette music systems. Colour TVs based on ET&T design are also produced in small quantities.


  • Dalmia Cement Bharat Limited (DCBL) manufactures Oil Well Cement (OWC) for Railway sleepers.


  • Raw Meal Vertical Roller Mill installed in all Dalmia Group cement factories.


  • OCL develops broad gauge mono block concrete sleepers for the Railways.


  • Hari Machines Ltd started as a small company, initially catering to the needs of OCL for expansion of its refractory plant.


  • Dalmia Bharat Sugar sets up a travel agency 'Govan Travels' in New Delhi.


  • Dalmia Bharat Sugar purchases a cashew factory at Kundara in Kerala under the name Dalmia International.


  • Dalmia Magnesite Corporation constituted in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Comprising three companies - Orissa Cement Ltd., Dalmia Cement Ltd. and Magnesite Corporation of India Ltd. - the partnership is an industrial undertaking for prospecting magnesite ores and manufacture of dead burnt magnesite.


  • Orissa Cement Ltd. (OCL) commissions a refractory plant which will then go on to become one of the largest composite refractory plants of the country.


  • Jaidayal Dalmia sets up a cement plant at Rajgangpur in Orissa to manufacture super grade cement to build the Hirakud Dam.


  • Jaidayal Dalmia increases the production capacity and installs a 500 tonne-per-day wet kiln process, using machinery bought from Denmark.


  • The Group expands presence in the banking sector. While Bharat Bank becomes the biggest in the country


  • Dalmia-Jain Enterprises make its biggest acquisition : Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., owners of the Times of India group.


  • Acquires Govan Brothers, one of the leading business houses and managing agents for a number of industrial enterprises.
  • Dalmia-Jain Enterprises become the managing agency for Dharangadhara Chemical Works Ltd., Shevaroy Bauxite Products.
  • Dalmia-Jain Airways Ltd. is floated. The company engages in the sale of vehicles and air transport.
  • Dalmia-Jain Enterprises become the biggest sugar-producing group in India with six sugar factories.


  • Enters the coal sector by acquiring Kharkhari Coal Co. Ltd.
  • Bharat Collieries Ltd. is established


  • The Group establishes Bharat Bank Ltd. and acquires controlling interests in the Punjab National Bank.
  • Patiala Biscuit Manufacturers Ltd. is incorporated with Dalmia-Jain Enterprises as its managing agent.
  • The Rampur Distillery & Chemical Company Ltd. is established in Uttar Pradesh.


  • Sets up Rampur Maize Products in Uttar Pradesh (then United Provinces) on land granted by the state on a 30-year lease. During World War II, the company engages in the production of starch and becomes one of the most up-to-date glucose manufacturing plants in the country.


  • The Group buys Dharangadhara Chemical Works Ltd in Kathiawar, Gujarat.
  • Installs a kiln with the capacity to manufacture 250 tonnes of cement on daily basis by semi-dry process at the Dalmiapuram Plant in Tamil Nadu.


  • Dalmias get the first private trunk telephone line in India.


  • Purchases shares of Bharat Insurance Company Ltd. at double the price offered by others. Jaidayal Dalmia is appointed Honorary Chairman.


  • Dalmia-Jain Enterprises purchase majority stake in Dehri Rohtas Tramway Company Ltd., enabling easy transport of sugarcane to factories in Dalmianagar, Bihar.
  • The Group constructs ropeway to bring sugarcane to the factory at Dehri-on-Sone, Bihar, with capacity to carry 55,500 kg per hour from the fields to the factory.
  • Acquires flour mills in Delhi.


  • Sets up sugar factory in Bihta, Bihar with 1400-ton capacity Rohtas Sugar (Industries) Ltd; Dalmianagar Raza Sugar Co.Ltd and Buland Sugar Co.Ltd,