‘Hinduism – The Science behind India’s Spirituality’ by Avanee Foundation

A day-long session to shed light on the various facets of Hinduism

Avanee Foundation - devoted to the cause of creating a more compassionate world - hosted an engrossing and insightful session on ‘Hinduism – The Science behind India’s Spirituality’ at India Habitat Centre today.

Hinduism is an ancient tradition. Some of its beliefs and practices date back to, possibly, prehistoric times. The religion is based on the knowledge, philosophy and practice derived from numerous traditions, saints, scholars and philosophers. Many practices of Hinduism have a scientific and logical basis.

Amazingly, many followers of Hinduism have a cursory knowledge of their extraordinary religion and do not understand its essence. The full day event marked the presence of renowned gurus, writers and dignitaries who shared their wisdom to enlighten the audience on the richness and essence of Hinduism.

Speaking at the event, Avantika Dalmia, Chairperson, Avanee Foundation, said, “Hinduism is a remarkable religious tradition. It is not an organised religion, has no single, systematic approach to teaching it and it does not have a simple set of rules to follow. Yet, the common thread among all these variations is the belief in a Supreme Being and adherence to important concepts such as truth, dharma, and karma. I am really pleased that the esteemed scholars who came today presented the key concepts of Hinduism in a succinct and thought-provoking manner.’

Key speakers at the session included Rahul Bhasin/ Mukti Banka from Studio Prana; Swamis Advayananda and Aryayananda of Chinmaya Mission; Pavan K Verma, Writer, Diplomat and National General Secretary, Janta Dal (United); Shri Rohini Nandan Das; Anand Neelkanthan, Author & Columnist and Yog Guru Dr. Surakshit Goswami. The webcast partner of the event was Virtual Studio (vsworld.com).

About Avanee Foundation

Avanee Foundation (http://www.avaneefoundation.org/) is a foundation based on the Sanskrit phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, meaning ‘The world is one family’. The Foundation envisions the entire world as one family where all life is cherished. The foundation works in the areas of climate, education, heritage and youth for cause and leadership.