Dalmia Bharat Foundation completes 10 years of operations in India

New Delhi, January 15th, 2020: Dalmia Bharat Foundation (DBF), the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Dalmia Bharat Group completed 10 years of operations in the country. Since inception, Dalmia Bharat Foundation has been committed towards the sustainability of the community. With a vision and mission of creating opportunity for every stakeholder to reach their potential and to facilitate the stakeholders hasten their social, economic and environmental progress through effective management of human and natural capital, Dalmia Bharat Foundation has initiated all their projects with participation of the community. Further, the foundation believes in partnerships and convergence to ensure that the projects have a greater impact.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Gautam Dalmia, Trustee, Dalmia Bharat Foundation said, "Sustainability is in our DNA, we have always been taught to be respectful and responsible towards our environment. The Dalmia Bharat Foundation was established 10 years ago to bring in institutional best-in-class practices and focus towards various community development initiatives. Dalmia Bharat Foundation, in its own way has contributed towards building of a new India. I would like to thank all the people associated with Dalmia Bharat Foundation in our journey so far. I would urge the entire DBF team to contribute with a sense of gratitude and an attitude of service."

Mr. Puneet Dalmia, Trustee, Dalmia Bharat Foundation said, "On the 10th anniversary of Dalmia Bharat Foundation, I would like to congratulate the entire DBF team who has taken the Foundation to greater heights. It is heartening to see that Dalmia Bharat Foundation has been able to touch thousands of lives in the past decade. At Dalmia Bharat Group, we believe that the Sustainability of the company goes hand in hand with the sustainability of the community. Since the inception, Dalmia Bharat Group has been working towards growth and development of the community. Dalmia Bharat Foundation was set up to have more structured approach to our Community development Initiatives. The last decade has seen phenomenal growth for us and we aim to increase our presence ten folds in the next decade."

Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj, CEO, Dalmia Bharat Foundation said, "It has been an incredible journey for all of us as Dalmia Bharat Foundation completes a decade of existence. We all are delighted to be a part of a company that focuses sustainable growth, not only for the company, but also for the stakeholders we associate with, uplifting their socio-economic status. In the past decade, Dalmia Bharat Foundation’s geographical presence grew from 90 villages to 1300 villages, creating impacts for over 10 lakh people and we aim to achieve greater heights in the near future."

Dalmia Bharat Foundation operates on four key areas including Soil and Water Conservation, Access to Clean Energy, Livelihood Skill Training and Social Development. These programmes combine in-depth long-term plans and strategies along with medium and short term initiatives and campaigns. Owing to the great differences across locations, DBF has adopted a flexible, multi-intervention approach that allows programmes and people to grow together and sustain each other. The four focus areas have been derived from the felt needs of the community and issues material to the business.

Dalmia Bharat Foundation completed its 10 years on 31st December 2019, post which 23 events were held across all locations with participation from Government officials, Partners, Beneficiaries, Dalmia Management, employees, Media and community. The events included felicitations of stakeholders, cultural events, competitions, showcasing of DBF’s work and impact through Videos, Speeches and photo exhibitions. The final event at New Delhi is planned on 15th January 2020.

About Dalmia Bharat Foundation

Dalmia Bharat Foundation (DBF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Dalmia Bharat Group. Dalmia Bharat Foundation, popularly known as DBF is committed to carrying forward the seven decades-long legacy of Dalmia Bharat Group through conscientious corporate citizenship. DBF undertakes a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives across its operational areas in various states of India, which include soil and water conservation, energy conservation, livelihood skill training and social development initiatives, visit us at www.dalmiabharatfoundation.com