Dalmia Bharat Group is an organisation where talent meets culture.

Dalmia Bharat Group is over eight decades old but represents modern India through a young team. Life at Dalmia is all about learning, growing and collaborating to achieve excellence in everything that is done. The employees are the biggest assets. Every human being has great talents and the company’s vision is to help unleash their potential. The company believes that quick learning and the attitude to embrace change are the foundation of successful careers and successful businesses. Being “Fast & Flexible” is in their DNA.

The company’s Leadership Learning Change Division, Nalanda, runs customised developmental programmes for the employees based on a clear Career Progression Plan so that they can chart a growth pattern for themselves and explore their real potential. The company has tied up with both reputed Indian Institutes as well as international agencies, to provide the best learning opportunities to the employees and upgrade their skills and knowledge. Every program works at two levels – it builds on the strengths of the employee and also addresses their area of challenge. Every program provides them with an enriched experience and a platform to interact with senior leadership thus removing the fear of failure.

As strategic business partners, the company uses technology to bring about positive changes in operational behaviours such as Speed, Teamwork and Learning Excellence.

Mr. Sujit Ghosh – Executive Director – “Walking the talk”- It’s important to work with teams and encourage people to put out new ideas in order to grow together.

Mr. Indrajit Chatterji – Executive Director, Sales – East, Dalmia Bharat (Cement) Ltd – Creating a stronger protocol to enchance the business in the East.

Ms. Aditi Mittal, Asst. Executive Director, Head – Investor Relations and Corporate Communications – We are willing to change in order to set equality for all genders across the organisation.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta – Executive Director, Growth and Expansion – East, Dalmia Bharat (Cement) Ltd – The only way to succeed is to innovate at every step.

Mr. Sunil Aggarwal – Executive Director, Sales Operations, North East, Dalmia Bharat (Cement) Ltd. – The maximum potential of our employees.

Mr. Padmanav Chakraborty – Executive Director, Manufacturing & Operations, North East, Dalmia Bharat (Cement) Ltd. – Progressing towards the socio-economic development of the society for the business.

Mr. Varun Singh – Asst. General Manager, Human Resource, Dalmia Bharat Group – “Never Stop” – Stronger values for better performance.