"Respect is earned, trust is gained". At Dalmia, the two go a long way.

They earn me the right to connect with your world.
And make a difference.

Your trust in me inspires me to give my best. My respect for you, says it may not be enough. Together, they remind us of our unique worth. Multiply our combined strength. And remind us of the miracles each of us are capable of. Miracles that can transform our worlds. And those whose lives we touch, everyday.

By delivering service beyond the self.
By being, a Dalmian.

Give one, to get the other.

In the Ramayana, Bharat could not bring himself to ascend the throne of Ayodhaya, for it truly belonged to Ram, his eldest brother. So when Ram is forced into exile to the forest, he runs after his brother to bring him back. Seeing him coming, Laxman, who accompanied Ram to exile, is worried that Bharat may be coming to kill them, but Ram assuages Laxman, asking him to put complete trust in Bharat. Bharat falls at Ram’s feet, and begs him to come back to Ayodhaya. When Ram refuses (since disobeying one’s parents was considered sacrilege), Bharat carries Ram's sandals and places it on the throne, and vows that till Ram returns, his sandals will rule the kingdom. Bharat’s respect of Ram, and, in turn, the latter’s trust in Bharat, is the essence of India’s heritage.