Children are important stakeholders, and contributors, in the overall happiness and productivity of a worker. We partner each and every member of our family, with an eye to instil robust and lasting value traits in their children. And that's how 'Saksham' was born. 'Saksham' is an initiative created to boost character building amongst the children of all Dalmia members, primarily in areas like Love, Focus, Positivity and Integrity, in an innovative and impactful manner. The other objective of the program was to build a 'relationship' based organization. It is a matter of pride that Dalmia Bharat is perhaps the first organization to attempt an endeavour of this nature.
The workshop spans over two days of four sessions, each session (of around 135 minutes) devoted to one value, and followed by a concluding session wherein parents are invited to participate as well. The learnings of values is facilitated through various innovative channels, such as the rendition of mythological stories, expert guest sessions, interactive one-on-one learning, vision documents for the kids, games and more.