Roshni is an Employee Volunteering programme. Under this programme, the company actively promotes, encourages and recognizes volunteering and does what it can to enable its employees to engage with community.
To promote the efforts of giving back to the society, the company has tied up with three NGOs based in India. Employee Volunteering Commitment is for 2 days per employee in a year, which is equivalent to 16 man-hours each year.
Employees are most welcome to invite their family members to volunteer. However, hours spent by family members or friends won't count in reporting. In this case, the employee will also have to take consent from the concerned voluntary organization / NGO.
The shortlisted NGOs for ROSHNI typically engage themselves in serving and empowering the underprivileged, working for enabling the growth of less fortunate children and youth, caring for human health, working to empower and inform the visually challenged (thus enabling them to lead a life of dignity and productivity), protecting the environment, and beyond.

Volunteering opportunities:
  • Creating awareness on child rights.
  • Content writing and editing.
  • Event organization / coordination.
  • IT development.
  • Translation.
  • Spending quality time with visually impaired children.
  • Reading and recording books.
  • Exam writing.
  • Interaction with elderly people.
  • Support in daily routine work.
  • Reporting and documentation.
  • Networking and Liaising.


A few Do's and Don’ts :