"Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral values."

But I am a Dalmian. I believe that it stands for much more.
I believe integrity is an opportunity.

To come out of my comfort zone and show the world what I am made of. To create a bridge of faith with those around me. To nurture a habitat where success is measured by conduct, more than anything else. To foster a mindset where compromise is out of the question. To never stray from the line of duty.Integrity is my aptitude for doing what's right, not what's easy - even when no one's watching. It's my ability to hold my head high, in the face of competition.

Integrity is my opportunity to set an example, by autographing my work with excellence. And remind myself of who I am. A Dalmian. First, and always.

To rise above the rest, stay true.

Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers in the epic Mahabharata, was considered so pious that his ratha (chariot) used to fly four fingers above the ground in the battle of Kurukshetra. He always spoke the truth. However, on the behest of Lord Krishna, even Yudhisthira once uttered a lie. During the Kuruksheta war, he falsely told Guru Dronacharya, leader of the opposition Kauravas, that the latter’s son had died. Crestfallen, the Guru laid down his arms and was killed. It is said that the moment Yudhisthira did this, his chariot fell down to the ground.