"Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality."
As a Dalmian, I believe it can do much more.

Because I believe commitment is power.

To begin the race, even when there's no guarantee of success. To give depth to those dreams, that rely on me. To make the little changes that can lead to big change. The kind of change we at Dalmia stand for. Commitment is the bond that glues me with my goals. It is the realization that success is never attained by accident. It is the confidence that where there's a will, there's always a way. Commitment is the obsession to put my best feet forward, every single day.

And the power to watch every step I take, turn into a giant leap. One that takes Dalmia another step closer, to its goals. Goals that have the power to make the world smile. Goals that we share, together.

When a word, is good as gold.

In the epic Mahabharata, Karan was the quintessence of commitment. Knowing fully well that anybody fighting under the banner of the Kauravas was doomed to fail because of the unjust ways of Duryodhan, he nevertheless stood by his friend till his last breath. Karan was also committed to his promise of not refusing anyone who wanted anything from him. He thus gave away his protective armor to Lord Indra (who was trying to protect His son Arjuna whom Karan had vowed to kill), and refused even when Lord Shri Krishna Himself promised him the highest glory (if only he would switch sides and fight with the Pandavas). Karan's sense of gratitude to Duryodhan, who had supported him when nobody else did, would not let him waver from the commitment he had made to his best friend.