Nalanda - The Dalmia School of Leadership, Learning and Change

Nalanda, the Dalmia School of Leadership, Learning and Change (LLC) was launched in August 2014. It aims at creating high impact leaders for the Dalmia Bharat GROUP by infusing a learning culture and personally driving our leaders to be change agents.
Some of the modules that form the key curriculum of this school are external focus, innovation & creativity, strategic thinking, inclusive success, sales strategy (and aggressive implementation of the same), P&L focussed leadership, production skills and performance through ownership.
LCC regularly rolls out initiatives across business units and locations, such as -

  • Karma – Walk The Talk
  • Lakshya
  • DTI- Dalmia Technical Training Institute


1. Karma - Walk The Talk

An initiate to instil and advance leadership in a novel and fun way, Karma – Walk the Talk – is a program that requires candidates to trek the Himalayan mountain ranges in Himachal and Sikkim and pick up vital lessons and skills through direct experiences. The peak height to be trekked is approximately 14,000 ft. As candidates face off some of the most difficult terrains on earth – comprising rocky mountains, snowy stretches, steep inclines and declines, hazardous bends and icy cold waters - they learn the meaning of courage, resilience, teamwork and commitment, with each member displaying unwavering support for their team-mates.

2. Lakshya - Advanced Leadership Program for star performers.

This exciting journey to become high impact leaders was launched in 2014 and is a 15 month long intensive leadership journey wherein Star performers – handpicked from across the group through due processes - go through a rigorous training program facilitated by renowned external agencies and Nalanda (the Dalmia School of Leadership, Learning and Change). This program acts as a 'finishing school' for our top performers and creates a pipeline of top notch leaders who fill our slots in our CTB (critical to business) succession plan.

3. DTI- Dalmia Technical Training Institute

The goal of this training institute is to impart skills training for Dalmia Bharat's mass workers at the plant level. This is an ongoing program where trainings are conducted by in-house specialists, external veterans and domain experts.