Anandam – The Art of Happiness

The objective of 'Anandam' is to share principles and practices for holistic well-being and happiness with our employees in a way that is practical, and creates meaningful connections with our organization purpose and values. With their four cornerstones as Pause, Feel, Intend and Connect, these 'sessions' broadly address the following elements:

  1. Principles of conscious and harmonious living.
  2. Simple exercises to promote physical well-being and health.
  3. Practices for living in the present, e.g., eating mindfully and savouring the experience.
  4. Practices for emotional balance, e.g., gratitude tools, letting go of strong judgments, and the like.
  5. Meditative and silencing practices to access inherent wisdom.
  6. Ways to connect deeply with each other e.g. deep listening, skillful speech and active constructive responding.
  7. How to implement and sustain this journey of holistic and joyful living both individually and as a community.