Message from Group CEO

Clean and Green- our foundations for a profitable and happy growth story.

Message from Group CEO

" Clean and Green - our foundations
for a profitable and happy growth story."


A message from our Group CEO

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the publication of our first sustainability report. We endeavour to become a leading industry benchmark for sustainability through engagement of all our stakeholders. We are developing processes to bring the key economic, social and environmental indicators into regular monthly management, standardization and reporting processes. We are also striving to achieve resource efficiency resulting in financial savings which forms a fundamental part of operational excellence.

At Dalmia Bharat, sustainability is not just a mere programme; it’s a way of life and we have rooted sustainability in our corporate vision itself. Being one of the oldest business houses in India, the Group acknowledges the responsibility of upholding sustainable practices. Way back in 1974, DBG helped Indian Railways to replace wooden sleepers with concrete, a remarkable achievement for the period when ‘sustainability’ was largely unknown in the Indian subcontinent.

Our commitment to sustainability led us to join CSI, a sector Initiative of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The initiative ensures continual monitoring, comparing and benchmarking of our performance of key sustainability issues in cement sector defined by CSI. As a group, we produce cement with carbon intensity lower than global and Indian averages. Our eastern operations produce one of the lowest carbon intensity blended cement.

We also believe efficient waste utilisation is an area that has huge potential and can contribute tremendously in the cement sector in India, where alternative fuel consumption rate of Indian Cement Industry is negligible as compared to global average. In our efforts to reduce environmental impact, we are focusing heavily on clinker factor improvement in blended cements and exploring opportunities to increase usage of alternative fuels which are discarded as waste and byproducts products by other industry sectors. We are undertaking projects that aim to improve our performance in areas such as carbon footprint, alternative fuel use, water and occupational health and safety.

To foster our human capital and increase happiness quotient at our workplace, we are also involving our employees through awareness creation, capacity building, training them for certification in areas of continuous improvement and bringing them to the forefront as we work on delivering solutions together along with other stakeholders - the results we believe will build our resilience and positively impact the organisation’s future.

Over the past years, we have fulfilled our social responsibility and fostered relations with communities. Our CSR programmes primarily focus on Soil and Water Conservation, Energy Conservation and Climate Change Mitigation, Livelihood Skills, Training and Social Development with an aim to create a multiplier effect. In coming years, our structured CSR programmes will be further strengthened in new geographical areas of acquisitions and green field installations.

We have become signatory to additional initiatives such as United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Caring for Climate Initiative, India Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI), Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) and WBCSD's WASH Pledge. We have also responded voluntarily to CDP's Climate Change Programme for FY 15. Moving forward, the 10 principles of UNGC and other initiatives will further shape our business operations on this sustainability journey through knowledge sharing, performance monitoring and benchmarking. We will also align our social interventions in such a way that our programmes help in fast realisation of relevant sustainable development goals near our manufacturing locations. We hope our initiatives will motivate stakeholders to drive change and create a clean, green and happy globe.

Mahendra Singhi
Group CEO and Whole Time Director, DCBL
CEO and Whole Time Director, OCL, India Limited

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