Reports & Publications

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Reports & Publications

We are always keen to be highly interactive in our approach. We would like to communicate the process, applications and results of our strategy to our stakeholders and the larger public as accurately as possible. The sheer work of the crisp reporting involved in producing these reports enable us to see what we have done well and how we can improve consistently.

It was with this thought that we embarked on bringing out our CSR report within the first year of our structured CSR initiative. We have also done an in-depth study of our CSR programme in sugar.

They are available for review and feedback. 

  • Annual Report : 2018-19

    Annual Report : 2018-19 Download
  • Annual Report : 2017-18

    Annual Report : 2017-18 Download
  • Annual Report : 2016-17

    Annual Report : 2016-17 Download
  • Annual Report : 2015-16

    Annual Report : 2015-16 Download
  • Annual Report : 2014-15

    Annual Report : 2014-15 Download
  • Annual Report : 2013-2014

    Annual Report : 2012-2013 Download
  • Annual Report : 2012-2013

    Annual Report : 2012-2013 Download
  • CSR Brochure

    CSR Brochure Download
  • School Sanitation Project & Energy Conservation

    School Sanitation Project & Energy Conservation Download
  • CSR Blueprint

    CSR Blueprint Download
  • CSR Policy

    CSR Policy Download