Mission and Our Approach


Building successful synergies for society



Mission and Our Approach


Our Mission

We are committed to being catalysts in the transformation of the communities around our business operations through partnership with local communities, government, NGOs and other stakeholders

The CSR Mission of DBGF is derived from the Values Pledge of Dalmia Bharat Group which states

“We are committed to creating exceptional values for our customers, employees, shareholders, vendors and the communities we operate in and above all the nation, through core values of Learning, Excellence, Teamwork and Speed”

Our Approach

There are 2 simple components of our approach :

1. Making significant and sustainable difference

Our CSR approach is distinct from Charity where out of compassion help is given to poor and needy. While we acknowledge the power of charity, DBGF because of its focus on making a significant and sustainable difference, develops its programmes that make a long-term difference in the lives of its targeted beneficiaries.

2. Forging Partnerships

We at DBGF firmly believe in the power of partnerships and thus work closely with a diverse set of stakeholders

Local Community and Representatives

All our programmes start with a needs assessment done by closely involving the local community and village leaders. Subsequently we involve the local leaders both at the time of formulation and implementation of the programmes.

Non-Governmental Organisations

Our programmes are implemented by reputed national and international NGOs, who have extensive experience of working with the poor and rural households in the areas of livelihood, education and health and hygiene.


We believe that we can be a bridge between the Government and rural poor in our targeted villages. We are collaborating with state rural development department, district administration and departments like animal husbandry, agriculture, health etc as also development institutions like NABARD.


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