Each employee is an individual and we regard this diversity as the reason for the richness of our culture here at Dalmia

Working with Dalmia

We recognize each and every employee of ours as special and nurture them and their families. We hone their skills, recognize their achievements and support them in every part of their journey.

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  • "I joined the organization in April 1980 and have found that Dalmia follows the true Indian culture in the organization where relationships are given more importance than anything be it with employees, vendors or business partners"

    Swaminathan S, Mechanical, 34 years in Dalmia


  • "I joined Dalmia in 1990 May, I think Dalmia has lived up to its promise of being a true Indian company where relationships matter the most. Nurturing employees as is done in all Indian families is the philosophy of Dalmia"

    Hariharasubramanian, Packing House, 24 years in Dalmia


  • "Dalmia is more than an organization to me and I sync with its vision of sustainable growth, fairness to all stakeholders, value system and the culture that fosters openness, collaboration, innovation and professionalism"

    Pankaj Rastogi, ED � Sugar Business, 12 years in Dalmia


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    We believe that a healthy body is the key to having balances in life. Our company-wide Health watch programs helps keep our employees fit.

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    We believe that training and development are the foundation of successful careers and successful businesses.

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    Life at Dalmia for our employees is all about learning, growing, and collaborating to achieve excellence in everything that we do. There's so much to explore here - even about yourself - that every day is a new day.

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