Our New Identity: Dalmia Bharat Group



Our New Identity: Dalmia Bharat Group

Dalmia Bharat Group is a coming together of old values and new ways. It symbolizes the understanding of the cycle of evolution, that the new sometimes demands a dissolution of the old. New thought, new ideas and new ways, preserving time tested values,will define the way ahead for this vibrant nation. The values that our foundations are built on are closely tied to the values that led to the creation of Free India.And Dalmia Bharat Group, is Dalmia’s way of staying integral to the future of this nation.  

The logo inspires us to think progressively, to act innovatively and to behave confidently. 


The logo symbolizes the forces of Creation, Preservation and Destruction. These are personified by the forms of 'Brahma', the Creator, 'Vishnu', the Preserver and 'Shiva', the Destroyer or the Transformer.

The Trinity represents the Three Worlds (Tripura), comprising of who we are, what we possess and what we do not possess.

The Indian colors represent the 'Tirangaa', our national flag, which is a symbol of both national unity and the independence movement.

The tricolor symbol represents an independent, free and youthful 'Bharat', a dynamic 'Bharat', constantly moving, thinking, creating the new while preserving its roots.

The Dalmia Bharat symbol represents the intent of the organization. A willingness to keep seeking. And an understanding that without destruction there is never creation.

It is a reminder of the constant cycle of evolution that allows to arrive at newer ways of thinking. And doing them. It also stands for the three characteristics of matter, Activity + Inertia + Purity.

The solid typeface grounds us and yet connotes newness & forward movement. The fresh colors set us free to imagine a new, vibrant future.A new, vibrant 'Bharat'...

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Green Equity

From our energy efficiency to our innovative practices and technology, we are dedicated to operating our facilities with the utmost respect for the communities and environment in which we all live and work

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