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We're committed to managing our business responsibly ensuring a positive impact on the environment.

MDs' Message

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Dalmia Bharat Group, with its legacy of over seven decades of conscientious corporate Citizenship focuses on positive growth and development in social and economic aspects of people's lives. Our CSR had a history of integrating sustainability strategies with planning and implementation. Today, we find ourselves in familiar territory with a wealth of experience from our own programmes, as companies join and expand the dialogue on sustainable development. We are in constant engagement with project partners, stakeholders, beneficiaries and local communities, studying the potential impact of alternative and new technologies and indigenous knowledge. We would continue with the same zeal to facilitate the stakeholders hasten their social, economic and environmental progress through effective management of human and natural capital.

Managing Director, Dalmia Bharat Group

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Annual Report : 2018-19

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Annual Report : 2017-18

Annual Report : 2017-18 Download

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Annual Report : 2015-16 Download

Annual Report : 2014-15

Annual Report : 2014-15 Download

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Annual Report : 2012-2013

Annual Report : 2012-2013 Download

Dalmia Sugar 2010-11

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Dalmia Sugar 2009-10

Dalmia Sugar 2009-10 Download

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