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Integrated Tribal Development Project: A joint initiative of NABARD & Dalmia

Under Dalmia Groups' CSR activities, Dalmia Bharat Foundation (DBF, the Implementing Agency for CSR of Dalmia Bharat Group) has initiated Tribal Development Project in partnership with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).

Aim of the project: Poverty alleviation among the targeted tribal families on a sustainable manner.  Stop Jhum (shifting) cultivation by Promoting scientific method of cultivation and thereby save the shrinking forests. 

Core components of the project:

  • Agriculture and Horticulture Development
  • Soil Conservation Works
  • Water Resource Development
  • Women Development # Renewable energy
  • Community Health and Sanitation / access to basic amenities

The project area for implementation of the project is 15 village in New Sangar Block, Dima Hasao District, Assam. The project will reach out to 500 households of three tribes – Dimasa, Karbi and Khelma.

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Annual Report : 2018-19

Annual Report : 2018-19 Download

Annual Report : 2017-18

Annual Report : 2017-18 Download

Annual Report : 2016-17

Annual Report : 2016-17 Download

Annual Report : 2015-16

Annual Report : 2015-16 Download

Annual Report : 2014-15

Annual Report : 2014-15 Download

Annual Report : 2013-2014

Annual Report : 2012-2013 Download

Annual Report : 2012-2013

Annual Report : 2012-2013 Download

Dalmia Sugar 2010-11

Dalmia Sugar 2009-10 Download

Dalmia Sugar 2009-10

Dalmia Sugar 2009-10 Download

Dissemination Report Sugar CSR

Dissemination Report Sugar CSR Download

Final CSR Report

Dissemination Report Sugar CSR Download
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