Energy Conservation &
Climate Change Mitigation

Energy Conservation & Climate Change Mitigation


Cement, though essential for socioeconomic growth of the mankind, unfortunately has an ecological footprint. While we have one of the best environmental standards, we feel it is our responsibility to go beyond mere compliance of law and mitigate the climate change process. While we have this concern on the one hand, the communities that we work with face another kind of challenge. Faced with the energy crisis, both for cooking as well as lighting, they continue to burn fuelwood, in a manner, that is a high potential threat to the environment as well as to their own health. Here again, we found a common opportunity whereby we provide renewable and other energy solutions to the communities to help them reduce their environmental footprints.

Through our Energy Conservation programmes we have benefitted more than 1 Lac beneficiaries in more than 180 villages,

  • Promoted Cleaner and safer kitchens with 3823 Fuel efficient cook stoves and 140 Biogas plants
  • Sustainable and clean lighting solutions through 10,000 Solar Lighting products, 14 Solar Digital Education in schools and installation of 261 Solar Street Lights
  • Helped in avoiding 15,000 tons of CO2 every year
  • Saving 7,300 tons of wood per year
  • Access to clean lighting in 10,000 households with erratic power supply
  • 8,000 children now study for additional 3-4 hours daily through solar study lamps.
  • Petty Shopkeepers are able to open shops after sunset for 2 hours using solar lanterns.